Why are you doing this? We love Shreveport/Bossier and we want to spur people to take pride in our cities, as well as make an impact on our future.
What time should I arrive at the SOS Premiere? Doors open at 6PM, and we suggest you come then to enjoy the extra entertainment we have lined up then.
What should I wear when attending the SOS Premiere at the Strand. Business or business casual would be preferred, but we want anyone and everyone to come to enjoy the event.
Will this be a child friendly event? All ages are welcome, and we will have some limited children’s activities before the documentary airs.
What will I see at the Shape of Shreveport Premiere 1 event? We will be premiering the first four episodes of our series, as well as having special announcements about exciting projects that our team and you, the audience can accomplish for this area.
Will I get a chance to meet the historians and experts? Yes, and you will also have a chance to purchase an autographed book from those who have written them. Other commemorative items will be available for purchase too.
Will I be allowed to film or take pictures in the event? We want you to take as many pictures as you possibly can. Please no filming of the documentary itself as it is being aired.
Will there be a program available at the show? Yes, and it is complimentary with your ticket purchase.
How can I sponsor this event and other future events to support this series? Please email info@ringmediagroup.com to get more information.
Are you profiting off of this project? We are a self-funded project, taking no public money for the completion of this series or these events. While we aren’t a non-profit company, like a 501c3, we don’t anticipate turning a profit at all on this project. In fact, we just hope to cover as many costs as we can without coming entirely out of pocket. We are seeking others who may want to help subsidize the cost of this high quality project, but our end goal is to create civic pride in Shreveport. As lifelong Shreveporters, we believe we and this city will see the benefit of this investment in the long term if people come together and begin to understand our past so we can move forward as a community with a unified vision of what we want to become.
If I have a great story that I think would be perfect for your series, how can I let you know? We welcome all great stories about our wonderful city! Please submit them to history@shapeofshreveport.com.