Shape of Shreveport

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Premiere Episodes 5-8

Date: January 28th @ The Strand Theatre

Episode 5-8 Summary

As Shreveport Still Stands – Shreveport during the Civil War was a complicated place during one of our country’s most complicated times. The legacy left behind still bears victories and scars, pride and defeat. The key to progress may lie in understanding where progress was stopped before us.

Started from the Bottoms – For better or worse, how Shreveport’s red light district formed the musical icon of Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter. From the backroads of Mooringsport to the brothels of the big city, Lead Belly’s music was influenced by Northwest Louisiana.

Out at Home – The history and legacy of baseball in Shreveport serves, today, as a symbol of a better past, or a rallying cry for the direction of a community. Is the America’s pastime just our past, or a catalyst for our future?

We Brought Barksdale – A united community vision led to Shreveport coming together to create one of the mightiest military bases in the country, and one of the brightest spots in our local economy for generations.

Date January 28th @ The Strand Theatre

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