Why are you doing this? We love Shreveport/Bossier and we want to spur people to take pride in our cities, as well as make an impact on our future.
How did the first premiere go? We have the Strand Theatre and all of Shreveport to thank for such a great night. We packed the historic theatre and raised over $26,000 for the Strand!
I couldn’t make it that night. Will there be other opportunities to see these episodes? We’ve already announced additional screenings at the Robinson Film Center – go to their website to get your tickets www.robinsonfilmcenter.org – we do not have anything set in stone after that, but we will make announcements here and on our Facebook page as we need to.
When are the next episodes going to premiere? We are looking at September and October for potential dates, so keep checking back.
What are episodes 5 through 8 going to cover? With the first four episodes, we covered some really fundamental topics of our history: the mystery of Captain Shreve, the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1873, when two iconic figures of the 20th century came to Shreveport on their respective rises to fame, and two crashes that caused Shreveport to think about moving forward. The next four episodes will cover topics of national importance as well as local fun of recent memory. Specifically, we will touch on the large role the Shreveport area in the Civil War, the leadership that brought Barksdale Air Force Base to town, Huddie Ledbetter’s time in Shreveport and musical prominence, and the story of the Shreveport Captains.
Anything else special about these? We think it’s all going to be special, but we are happy to have Tim Fletcher guest-direct our episode on the Shreveport Captains!
How can I sponsor this event and other future events to support this series? We are not taking public money for this project, but we are currently looking to partner with local businesses and individuals who would like to help underwrite and sponsor ongoing events. Please email info@ringmediagroup.com to get more information about those opportunities.
Are you a non-profit? While we aren’t a non-profit (a 501c3), we just hope to cover as many costs as we can through sponsorships without coming entirely out of pocket. We are seeking others who may want to help subsidize the cost of this high quality project, but our end goal is to create civic pride in Shreveport. As lifelong Shreveporters, we believe we and this city will see the benefit of this investment in the long term if people come together and begin to understand our past so we can move forward as a community with a unified vision of what we want to become.
How can I sponsor this event and other future events to support this series? Please email info@ringmediagroup.com to get more information.
If I have a great story that I think would be perfect for your series, how can I let you know? We welcome all great stories about our wonderful city! Please submit them to history@shapeofshreveport.com.